Substations are every bit as essential to providing power as powerlines.  Without substations to convert to and from very high voltages, the transmission of usable power across the country would be very difficult if not impossible. In order to serve and ever growind demand for electricity and ever aging infrastructure, EUS offers comprehensive substation construction. Our most recently completed substation project demonstrates our abilities.

Chicken Creek Substation

Near Brewster Washington, the Chicken Creek Substation converts transmission level voltages to distribution levels. Over six months EUS performed a dirt to energization construction. 

The first stage of the project was installing the ground grid, groundings, yard lights, and equipment grounding.

As prime contractor we enlisted a sub contractor.  This sub contractor performed concrete installation in the forms of concrete piers and foundations.  These piers and foundations formed the bases of the large steel structures and electrical equipment such as the transformer as well as for the fence and gates.

The third phase encompassed erection of the steel structures as well as installation of electrical equipment. The use of our line equipment was instrumental in raising, positioning and holding the steel for installation. The electrical equipment between the transmission and distribution sides was then able to be installed. 

Commissioned by Nespelem Valley Electric Cooperative and Bonneville Power Administration, the substation became energized.