Solar Infrastructure

Solar is fast becoming the most effective and afforable renewable energy source. Solar panels are small and cost effective enough to be installed singularly on roofs, or installed in concentrated arrays of several hundred. Standard arrays are generally capable of generating Megawatts of power. With a copious amount of regions overabundant in direct sunlight, new arrays are constantly being constructed.

To provide power, every solar array needs to be connected to the power grid.  Two pieces of infrastructure makes this possible, power lines and substations.  If fortunate enough the be constructed adjacent to existing power lines, all that is required is a substation to convert the solar created power to tranferable levels. Otherwise a new power line will need to be built in addition to the substation.

Most recently, for Vale Electric Inc., EUS constructed a power line ensuring their new solar array could provide power.  EUS worked tirelessly to ensure that the array could provide power as soon as possible.