EUS offers a variety of high quality services designed to fit the needs of each and every client.  Every situation is different and requires a carefully considered specialized solution. A solution that might require a wide, varied, and practiced skill set to complete. Equipped with such a skill set, EUS uses every ability creatively to surmount all problems that arise.

EUS has several specialties within the electrical industry. Medium voltage powerlines are our first and primary forte, with many successfully completed overhead and underground projects. Our substation construction is comprehensive, offering all services from dirt to energization. AMI smart meter installation has EUS installing required meter infrastructure and modernizing equipment. Solar installations primarily focus on the medium voltage power lines and substations required to connect solar arrays to the grid. Full array installation is available as well.

Power Lines

Any overhead or underground installation or maintenance.

AMI Smart Meters

Infrastructure installation and meter change-outs.


Full construction, installations, and maintenance.

Medium Voltage infrastructure necessary to connect arrays to the grid.

With comprehensive medium voltage experience, EUS can peform any installation, repair, or maintenance for medium voltage infrastructure. Large circuit breakers for transformers and other equipment have been installed, replaced, and reprogrammed. Vaults, conduit, and pad-mounted equipment have been installed, repaired, and rebuilt.  Specialized cell tower electric services and upgrades have been completed.  With success in these areas and more, EUS has earned a reputation excellent service as well as exceptional performance in difficult environments and hard to reach locations.​​​