EUS offers a variety of high quality services designed to fit the needs of each and every client.  Every situation is different and requires a carefully considered specialized solution.  A solution that might require a wide skill set to complete.  Blessed with such a skill set, EUS uses each skill creatively to surmount each challenge that arises.

EUS has several specialties.  Medium voltage powerlines are our first and primary forte, with many successfully completed overhead and underground projects.  Our substation construction is comprehensive, offering dirt to energization services.  AMI smart meter installation has EUS installing the required infrastructure and changing out meters.  Solar installations primarily focus on the medium voltage power lines and substations required to connect solar arrays to the grid.  Full array installation is available as well.

Power Lines

Any overhead or underground installation or maintenance.

Full construction, installations, and maintenance.

AMI Smart Meters

Infrastructure installation and meter change-outs.


Medium Voltage and Substations necessary to connect arrays to the grid.
Other services we offer

Electrical and Utility Equipment -concrete Pads, ditches, conduit installation, Bollard installation, troubleshooting ,repair and maintenance, metering, Substation repairs,  

EUS offers a diverse range of services. This is by design as we seek out , master and offer Niche services that are  either not offered or often over looked by to many contractors. We know there are many, many tasks associated with the operation of an Electrical Utility.
Hence our name :  ( Electrical Utility Services)
  1. 0
    Electrical Utility Services also offers certified Thermography of field or substation equipment
  2. 2
    Electrical bushing and insulator repair
    We are a certified installation contractor for Worldwide know and respected BELZONA Epoxy and Coatings
  3. 3
    Concrete pad repair and replacement
    With our Substation services we can replace or repair concrete footings pads or vaults
  4. 4
    Cable Locating and repair
    Electrical Utility Services has the equipment and can locate underground wires for commercial or residential and offer underground fault repairs
  5. 5
    Oil Leak repairs
    At EUS we can repair a seeping oil leak with a guaranteed result. Also we offer flange and bushing mount membrane encapsulation to repair warped or damaged flanges which gasketing will not seal. And this membrane encapsulation will be a lifetime seal which can be opened and resealed if repairs are needed
  6. 5
    AMI Metering installation
    Another Facet of metering is AMI/AMR we have a number of projects under our belt which we have succeeded in contracted installation and help deployment. We have a proven track record of quality that can be depended on.
  7. 6
    Solar Powered Lighting
    We recognize that not all solutions are economically suited for bring in a live electrical circuit. We have the low cost solution for these circumstances
  8. 7
    Electrical Wiring
    Substation wiring or other equipment wiring. We have specialized and qualified personnel which can accommodate all of the customers electrical needs.