Power Lines

Prior to founding EUS, Mark Tapani worked as an IBEW lineman for nearly 30 years.  With that wealth of experience EUS is well prepared to undertake any overhead, underground, or overhead underground conversion. A few of our projects are listed below:


Setting a pole on the mountainside outside of Wallowa, Oregon.

EUS was contracted to build a short power line on the outside of Wallowa, Oregon.  Constructed up the side of a mountain, standard techniques were inviable.  Rather than using machinery, pole holes had to be dug by hand and poles had to be moved manually.  

Moving ​a pole up the mountain.


Moving lines to a newly set pole

The city of Plummer in Idaho had an aging power grid.  As part of a comprehensive medium voltage contract, EUS performed a large amount of hot pole changeouts, replacing old poles and equipment with new.  Other equipment was replaced as well, such as 13kV circuit breakers for a substation.

Setting wire on an insulator

Tall Pines

Underground Connected to a Pole

Overhead power infrastructure in the Mica Flats area South of Couer D'Alene Idaho was nearing the end if its' lifespan. Rather than replacing it, it was decided to convert the overhead to underground. To this end EUS has converted miles of overhead distribution to underground, as well as other myriad electrical replacements and repair.

Laying Out Conduit in a Trench